So I guess I'm starting this now


So I might as well start a blog. Especially considering the fact that I have a decent amount I can write about, including questionable computer choices, my gender adventures, and other random rants, raves and ramblings.

Anyway, I should probably introduce myself, so hi, I'm Auk. For the record, that's not my real name, but online alias of sorts (iykyk). I go by she/her. I'm also transgender, in case you're wondering. I happen to be studying cybersecurity, which honestly sounds very on-brand of me considering my lifelong need to mess with things and the fact that I've been dabbling in Linux for the past several years. Other than random computer bullshit, I also enjoy playing video games, travelling, cooking, and probably also a few other things I can't think of at the moment. I might write about some of those things as well.

My journey in self hosting has been quite an interesting one. I've been curious about it for a while before starting off, but what got me to pull the trigger was when two of my friends endlessly nagged (peer pressured) me into doing so (Thanks, you two. Like genuinely. It's been great doing this). There are a few fun stories I can talk about with regards to this, actually. For a while, I never had a blog because I didn't think I'd actually have anything to write, but today, we say "fuck it" and do it anyway.

Server Specs (at the time of writing this):

It's funny because although I spent about $300 USD on drives, I happen to be using those in a computer I essentially got for free from this bitch, who didn't feel like dragging it back home over the summer.

Anyway, that's mostly it for now; I have a few things planned for this blog, so keep an eye out for those.